“It is fully as gratifying to hear from teachers and writers who know science and literature as well as theology and who use their energy to assign God his rightful place.” (Steve Van Der Weele, Calvin Theological Journal, November 2008)

“A good book for the math or science lover.” (David Mills, The Pittsburgh Catholic, December 2009)

“Several outstanding books argue for Intelligent Design. However, A Meaningful World explores newer ground. In this book the authors widen the focus to the meaning and genius that are evident all around us.” (Lay Witness, Fall 2007)

A Meaningful World offers a compelling rebuttal to modern materialism and its reductionistic view of nature. The professional critics of intelligent design didn’t see this book coming, and are unlikely to have a ready response to its argument.” (Touchstone, July-August 2007)

“Wiker and Witt submit: ‘A poison has entered human culture. It’s the assumption that science has proven that the universe is without purpose, without meaning.’ This is the primary popular assumption the authors tackle in A Meaningful World.” (Terry Scambray)

A Meaningful World is astounding, breathtaking! This is a book about both the beauty of science and the beauty of creation, a book I wish I had as an undergraduate taking science courses. Wiker and Witt draw us beyond design to the sheer grandeur, elegance and deep intelligibility of nature, all of which bespeak a creative Genius. It will help overcome the residual fear of science that plagues all too many devout believers, and instill a sense of childlike wonder at the splendor of our world. A Meaningful World admirably answers the call of Pope Benedict XVI to see the glory of God’s wisdom, the Divine Logos, permeating creation. I can’t wait to get this into the hands of my own teenagers, and even my college grads.” (Scott Hahn, Ph.D., professor of theology and Scripture, Franciscan University, and president, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology)